Workout Wednesdays | Week 1 - July 15th - Angel City Virtual Games



2020 Angel City Virtual Games presented by The Hartford

Workout Wednesdays | Week 1 - July 15th

Workout Wednesdays: Week 1 - July 15, 2020

Angel City Games - Workout Wednesdays - Jake Peacock: Intro to Boxing

Intro to Boxing

Join professional fighter Jake Peacock for an introduction to boxing!

About Jake Peacock
Jake was born without the lower part of his right arm, but that has never held him back! He has learned to work harder, work smarter, and think outside the box. Not long after he joined Martial Arts at the age of 7, Jake began competing on the national and international circuit and was a ranked competitor in England. A professional kickboxer signed to the world famous Lion Fight promotions, Jake is also the owner and head coach of a successful Kickboxing and Boxing gym. He is also a motivation speaker.

Jake Peacock
Angel City Games - Workout Wednesdays - Fitness with the Abilities Recovery Center

Fitness with the Abilities Recovery Center

Get your heart rate up during a high intensity workout with one of the best facilities in the nation! This workout will be for seated athletes, but all are welcome! Be sure to also attend the A.R.C. workout on Wednesday, August 26th for a competition!

About the Abilities Recovery Center
The Abilities Recovery Center works with people who have become paralyzed following a severe injury or illness, by enhancing the connection to their nervous system, so that they may move, feel, function and walk again. The Abilities Recovery Center is located in Los Angeles and offers specialized fitness programs combined with cutting edge equipment that allows clients access to the essential standing exercises, and to safely learn how to walk again.

Abilities Recovery Center
Angel City Games - Workout Wednesdays - Toddler Workout with The MyGym Foundation

Toddler Workout with The MyGym Foundation

The Angel City Virtual Games presented by The Hartford, is inclusive for even the youngest adaptive athletes! Our Toddler workouts are the perfect opportunity for 1-5 year-olds to participate! Join the MyGym Foundation for an inclusive and fun exercise session.

About The MyGym Foundation
The MyGym Foundation provides much-needed gifts to children living with physical or cognitive disabilities. These invaluable items range from sensory equipment and classes to unique swings and seating devices that allow a child to sit at the dinner table with the family. We strive to improve the quality of life for as many children as possible. To learn more about the MyGym Foundation click here.

My Gym Foundation
Angel City Games - Workout Wednesdays - Rollettes

Virtual Dance Class

Get your groove on with the Rollettes in a virtual dance class!

About The Rollettes
The Rollettes dance team’s goal is to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspectives through dance. With online classes and Instagram lives, the Rollettes family has stayed more connected than ever during these times. Their virtual classes have been a great way to stay active, get connected and have fun.

Angel City Games - Workout Wednesdays - Goalball Workout

Goalball Workout

Join Team USA athletes and coaches and Wayfinder Family Services to work on your conditioning and flexibility with a goalball specific workout!

About Wayfinder Family Services
Wayfinder Family Services is the place to turn for people facing the greatest challenges. We provide expert, individualized support and services to children, youth and adults, from those who have vision loss or profound special needs to foster youth with serious medical conditions or trauma, and their families.

Wayfinder Family Services